Friday, February 3, 2012

Todays thoughts

The boys are at the park with their sweet babysitter Kiley. She so kindly offered to take them so that I could have a relaxing afternoon. Did I mention that this offer came on Wednesday night when she along with some other Young Women and leaders were here CLEANING MY HOUSE??!!
This post is about how thankful I am for everyone who has helped get me through this pregnancy.
I never thought I would make it to 35 weeks and still be going strong.

Ashtons school has been bringing us meals the last couple of weeks. They will continue to do so until the babies are born and then for 3 weeks after.

Friends have taken the boys during doctors appointments.

Friends have taken the boys for play dates.

So many offers for anything and everything in between.

But mostly, my sweet hubby.
He caters to my every need.
Gives me long back rubs every single night without hesitation.
He has started taking Ashton to school and picking him up so that I don't have to have any extra walking around.
He always tells me how beautiful I look and tells me how proud he is of me for carrying these babies.
I don't know what I would do without him and his support. Especially these last few weeks (or days depending on when these 2 decide to come).
We are getting anxious and excited for our two new babies!